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Jetmaster-MK6 Series – Chen Hsong Injection Moulding Machines

Jetmaster MK6 Series Chen Hsong injection moulding machine

Jetmaster-MK6 Series

Clamping force of 88 to 668-tonnes

Driven by the revolutionary intelligent servo system, the Jetmaster MK6 injection moulding machine series combines a fast-response gear pump with a high-precision servo drive that guarantees the highest response, highest precision and lowest power consumption at the same time.

  • High performance and versatile screw design. Polymer specific and barrier mixing designs are also available.
  • The MK6 series has the fastest clamping, injection and ejection movements among its competitors. This results in increased production efficiency, with smoother and more stable movements.
  • Exclusive for this MK6 range is the new proprietary servo pressure regulation technology. This unique technology ensures fast pressure relief while never reversing the pump.
    High precision linear transducers are used for the clamping, injection and ejector axes. All of these technologies combine to offer low-pressure mould protection.