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battenfeld-cincinnati extrusion lines

battenfeld-cincinnati is the technology leader in the extrusion industry, providing complete extrusion lines from a single source and strong design and production competence. Our comprehensive extrusion equipment portfolio comprises of:

  • Single screw extruders
  • Parallel and conical counter-rotating twin-screw extruders
  • Planetary roller extruders
  • PO and PVC pipe heads, feed-blocks for sheet extrusion
  • Roll stacks
  • Downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion, such as vacuum and cooling tanks, calibrating tables, haul-offs, cutting devices, tip tables, roller tables and tipping troughs
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battenfeld-cincinnati single screw extruder

Our extrusion equipment is used to manufacture a wide range of standard and special-purpose plastics products, such as:

  • Large-diameter pipe
  • Mono- and multi-layer polyolefin and PVC pipes for water, sewage, mining, irrigation, cable duct, district heating, gas, telecommunication, and sanitary system applications
  • Window and door profiles
  • Construction profiles
  • Technical profiles
  • WPC/NFC decking, railing, siding and fencing
  • PVC sheet: free-foamed or co-extruded
  • Non-PVC sheet and board
  • Thermoforming sheet for food packaging
  • Polyolefin and PVC granulate

Extruders for Pipe Manufacture

battenfeld-cincinnati offers complete extrusion production lines for a wide range of plastic pipes as well as tailored solutions for special pipe applications.

Extruders for Profile Manufacture

battenfeld-cincinnati offers state-of-the-art machines and innovative technologies. The components of the profile extrusion lines are perfectly matched, for high output, energy-efficient production and excellent product quality.  Dedicated lines are offered for window profile production, technical profiles and WPC/NFC profiles.

Extruders for Sheet Manufacture

battenfeld-cincinnati offers complete production lines for PVC sheet, non-PVC sheet and thermoforming sheet extrusion.

Pelletizing Lines

We offer you twin-screw extruders in conventional design or with EMS function for PVC pelletizing. For higher output and special compounds, we also have planetary roller extruders with two-stage design in our portfolio. In combination with our pelletizing heads, we create a perfectly matched system for PVC pelletizing and compounding.