All our machines are delivered with:

  • CE declaration
  • Euromap standards
  • Energy saving Inovance servo-drive system
  • Beckhoff or B&R controller
  • High resolution potentiometers
  • Nitrided injection screw and barrel
  • Balanced dual cylinder design for carriage
  • PID barrel and nozzle temperature control
  • High torque radial piston hydraulic motor for screw drive
  • Euromap platen layout
  • Exclusive circular platen design (Patent)
  • Clamping unit designed with finite element analysis

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  • Adjustable slider supports for moving platen
  • High tensile tie bars
  • Automatic mould height and clamping force adjustment
  • Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic safety devices
  • Multiple ejector system
  • Core pulling devices
  • Air blow out devices
  • Water flow meters
  • (Bypass) oil filtration
  • Electrical/pneumatic automatic front door (depending on machine size)
  • Spare parts package as standard
  • Other standard and/or customer specific specifications

Focus-SVP/2 Series

Clamping force from 20 up to 60tons. The 20tons machine is fully hydraulic. The Focus35 and Focus60 are toggle machines.

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Speed Series

Clamping force from 128 up to 468tons. Especially designed for faster movements.

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Evolution Series

Clamping force from 90 up to 650tons. This series is the economic version of MK6.

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Jetmaster-MK6 Series

Clamping force from 88 to 668tons

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Jetmaster-SVP/2 Large

Clamping force from 650 to 3000tons

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Supermaster-TP Advanced

Clamping force from 700 to 6500tons

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