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GL – Single Screw Extruder

GL Gearless single screw extruder

GL – Single Screw Extruder

Gearless (GL) single screw extruder series with high-torque drive concept

The gearless (GL) extruder series offers an alternative drive concept. A frequency-controlled, high-torque AC motor is used to drive the screw, with the screw and the motor’s output shaft forming a single line. The high-torque AC motor has a high degree of efficiency at all levels – even under partial load. Since the drives of the GL extrusion line operate without gears, all those energy losses caused by a gear transmission system, such as flange loss or heating, are also eliminated.

  • Water-cooled, high-torque AC motor for low energy consumption
  • Reduced number of drive components
  • Compact design

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