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PVC Pelletizing Line

PVC Pelletizing extruder

PVC Pelletizing Extruder

For energy-efficient PVC pelletizing

We offer you twin screw extruders in conventional design or with EMS function for PVC pelletizing. For higher output and special compounds, we have planetary roller extruders in two-stage design in our portfolio. In combination with our pelletizing heads, they form a perfectly matched system for PVC pelletizing and compounding. Granulates are the basis for a variety of raw material components (plastics, fillers, additives) used in blow moulding, injection moulding and extrusion. Some important quality criteria for granulates are residual moisture, consistent bulk density, low dust content and uniform homogeneity. To produce PVC granulate, twin screw or planetary roller extruders are used in combination with a hot die face. For other thermoplastic materials, single screw extruders are combined with water ring, underwater or strand pelletizing systems.

  • EMS machine series
  • Tailor-made conventional twin screw extruders
  • Machines for repelletizing under challenging conditions

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